anna-louise haigh

anna-louise haigh

Some say I am a Personal and Spiritual Alchemist because of my naturally intuitive way of bringing the 'personal gold' that lies within into reality from the lead of life's experiences. I give voice to what is waiting to be discovered and celebrated from within. I believe that ALL ARE ONE. That each of us makes a difference everyday to how the next day will unfold.

I am the Author of the highly acclaimed self-empowerment books, 'The Soul Whisperer' and 'Light-filled, Loving and Wise.

I offer RETREATS, SPIRITUAL SELF-DISCOVERY and MENTORIING to strengthen personal empowerment, better choice making and

My mission is to inspire others to Awaken their WOW and Shine!

I work to ignite the passion within others that releases their potential in all positive forms. My message: Send your ripples far and wide, be a pebble of positivity in the lake of life!