Annamalai Muthu

Coffee Aficionado and Lead Engineer in Houston, Texas

Annamalai Muthu

Coffee Aficionado and Lead Engineer in Houston, Texas

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Recently married to my #1 laughing buddy, I know the value of love.

Born in Madurai, India, I migrated to the chaos that is New York City at 10. My dad was a full-time MBA student who also worked exporting textiles from India to support the family. Since he didn’t earn enough to hire employees initially, he did everything necessary to grow the business. I spent most of my childhood on the basketball court or in my dad's car as he drove from store to store, often making deliveries in 20-degree New York winters. I was fortunate, early in my life, to learn what it takes to take care of a family and work hard to achieve your goal.

Right before starting college, I traveled to India for a cousin’s wedding. Living in a village for more than two weeks, I truly learned how important electricity and water is to survival. I saw firsthand that kids weren’t able to study and that mother’s were unable to make dinner due to power outages. While pursing an electrical engineering degree at University of Texas at Austin, I knew from the start that I wanted to make a change in the world through energy. I realized two things during my senior year in college when my now mentor approached me to help found a start-up that was aimed at making clean energy a more viable option for the world:

1) I love the start-up world

2) Clean energy was my calling

And with my dreams discovered, I've started making a few hopes for my future.

I hope to add the letters "MBA" next to my name. I hope to merge my love of start-ups and my desire to make clean energy a reality. I hope to share love with the world.

I've also been known to drink a few too many cups of coffee, but I am always down for one more. I love to chat and learn from others to make this world more sustainable.

  • Work
    • CenterPoint Energy & SWAN
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin