Anna Malyugina

Dancer in Крест, Франция

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Who I am? Am a girl 27 years old. My live every time is full of art and love. And I m very thankfull to my fortune and appresiate all chances which the life gives me. Any way, who I am?

7 years i was a street artist, i did my favourite job with fire. Fire-show and light-show. I had very strong and incredible friends.

Im a model also. I engaged to planty of projects about bodyart and merely art. But its only for pleasure, its not a job.

Im a traveller. All my life I thought that I live in rouins, that my country is died with communism. And that all things around me here is ugly, stupid and loser things. And that if i want to know real beautiful live without struggle for good place under the sun, I have to go to abroad. Im not against from struggle, but I want that it has some reason and choose. So, every time when I can, I travel.

And at least, i havent certain plans of my future, because now, at this moment im open for everything and ready for any changes in my life.

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