AnnaMariah Nau

Woodbridge, Virginia

I am a gemstone empath and am not just creating jewelry, I am creating energetic tools that happen to be amazing wearable works of art. When the stones, the design and the wearer are in alignment, the piece transcends jewelry to become a sacred tool, an amulet if you will, that will support you energetically as you pursue radiance and transformation. To be 'bodacious' is to live to the fullest with confidence and conviction. Let me provide you with beautiful tools to adorn and support you as you pursue your bold bodacious life. Live outside the box with Bold Bodacious Jewelry

It all started with a rock. Yes, a rock. In 1987 I was visiting the te Maori exhibit in New Zealand and met a Mauri stone,
and it changed my life. That one experience triggered my spiritual awakening and led me to where I am today, living my Bold, Bodacious life and creating jewelry that isn't just jewelry.

When beautiful stones in bodacious designs connect to the right person, you get more than jewelry. The piece becomes an amulet, a tool that will support you energetically as you pursue your goals and your passion on your way to creating your own Bold Bodacious life.
What is a Bold Bodacious life? One where you live outside the box as you allow yourself to sing, dance, love and even fail in the process. Bodacious is different for everyone but it is always about empowerment and confidence. And for women, empowerment and confidence are often supported by looking and feeling our best. What better way to own that empowerment than with an amazing, unique work of art that supports your inner radiance and outer beauty?

Michelangelo said “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”, I simply wait to discover what the stones want to do and allow them to guide me.

Something that continually surprises and humbles me is the interaction that happens when my jewelry finds its owner. How to explain this? When the right person puts on a piece, it completely transforms into something much more than it was. I feel a huge “rush” when this happens and know that I’m doing something that is much bigger than what I can understand. I’ve also seen, felt shifts in the energy of the wearer as they connect with the piece.

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