Annamaria Kontor

Dr. Annamaria Kontor was born in Romania to Hungarian parents. An above-average student with a propensity for grasping difficult scientific concepts, she earned admission to Romania’s Institute of Medicine and Pharmacology and graduated near the top of her class. She subsequently earned a coveted spot at Hungary’s prestigious Semmelweis School of Medicine, from which she also graduated near the top of her class. In 1995, Dr. Kontor accepted a position at the Henry Ford Health System’s pediatric residency program. She finished her three-year residency in 1998 and accepted a position with King’s Daughters Hospital in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Dr. Kontor dove into medical work with abandon, joining several medical associations in Mississippi and redoubling her commitment to patient-centered medicine. By the early 2000s, she was committed to a life of service as a pediatrician. She and her husband moved to Rochester, New York, in 2002, both accepting physician positions shortly after their arrival. Dr. Kontor continues to work as a pediatrician with the Rochester General Medical Groups and hold complimentary admitting privileges at Rochester General Hospital. In the years since her arrival in upstate New York, she has become a respected member of the region’s pediatric medicine community.

Dr. Kontor is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and devotes substantial professional time to her work as a preceptor for the University of Rochester’s medical school. She is licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York. When she’s not serving patients and students at her practice, Dr. Kontor, who also has three young children, contributes to local charity organizations, listens to jazz music, constantly works on her yoga practice, enjoys flamenco dancing and plans exciting international vacations.