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Annamarie Beckel

St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

An ecologist by training, I worked as a science writer at the University of Wisconsin and then as a newsletter writer and editor for the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Tribe in northern Wisconsin.

When I began writing fiction, the poignant story of Shawnawdithit, the last known Beothuk Indian in Newfoundland, and William Cormack, the man who tried to save the tribe, came strongly to mind. I retold that story in my first novel, ALL GONE WIDDUN, published in 1999. That novel was followed by DANCING IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND (2005), a novel about the European witch persecutions, and SILENCE OF STONE (2008), a novel about a young French noblewoman's abandonment on an island near Labrador during a colonizing expedition to New France in 1542.

With support from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, I am at work on my fourth novel, WEAVING WATER, a complex interweaving of anxiety about aging, fears for the future of the earth and all wild places, and hope.

I am a freelance editor for both fiction and non-fiction, and am available to do substantive editing and copyediting, as well as proof-reading and manuscript evaluation. I also conduct writing workshops for both youth and adults on the elements of fiction, such as characterization, point of view, plotting, dialogue, and research.

I first came to Newfoundland in 1976 while conducting research on North American river otters, for whom I continue to have an inordinate fondness, and in 2004, I moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, where I now live with my partner and three cats.

  • Work
    • freelance writer and editor
  • Education
    • PhD in Ecology and Behavioral Biology