Annamarie House

My name is Annamarie House and I have been a group exercise instructor for 22 years now and counting..... My passion is dance and I have created my own dance cardio class called Tyme 2 GoGo (tm) which incorporates gogo dancing, belly dance, salsa and funk all in one. I was a member of the NIKE Rockstar Dance Team three times and I am in their Caribbean Rythmns video. I am ACE certified and also Hayward State Health and Fitness institute certified. I have a aqua cd out called Aquatic Workout which is designed so that you play it and you follow the routine to get a great workout. You could also use it to do a land low impact class if you do not have access to a pool. I am trained in a variety of classes which includes strength training, step, interval, bootcamp, salsa, stripteaze, hip hop,TKB and aqua. I am very passionate about what I do and just want to help people reach their goals. I coach cheerleading and do the tumbling and conditioning for the East Bay Warriors cheer and Dance teams. I would really like to get out there and help the youth since they really have a problem with their weight and lack of exercise. They do move they just need a little more coaching to see that they can acheive things that they set out to do. If I can help one child see how important it is to workout and eat right and they implement that in their own life than I feel like I have accomplished a lot. We need to take care of the children and teach them how to take care of themselves before it is too late. I have a fitness page on facebook Please check it out and if you like it please join the page. I put up tips for group exercise instructors , motivational tips on fitness and thoughts that could help you. I want to spread the word of fitness and how much it can help your life.