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Anna May Smith

I am an actress, comedian and writer in the Kansas City and Omaha areas.

I am employed as an improvisational comedian at ComedyCity, and am involved with various improv troupes and comedy venues in the Kansas City area such as GirlProv, the Roving Imp, and Stitch Tactics. I also perform as a standup comedian throughout the larger Kansas City area.

I have a bachelor's degree in theatre performance from the University of Kansas. I have professional acting training with Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley, Jack Wright, Paul Meier, Leslie Bennett and Boone Hopkins.

Some examples of my theatre work include the Multicultural Theatre Initiative's production of Dark Matter and KU's production of Shiloh Rules.

I am not Anna Nicole Smith, Anna Deavere Smith or that lady from Downton Abbey that people keep telling me about. I sincerely apologize to any and all randy men, academics, artists and anglophiles who were made a victim to this tragic mix-up.

Upcoming performances:
06/15 - ComedyCity @ 7:30 and 10:00

Please feel free to email me about auditions, performances, availability or for my full resume.