Anna Norris

Chef in Belfast, United Kingdom

Co founder of Better You Buddy

Inspiring Change

A private chef, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing freak with a love for really good coffee, style of service, restaurant interiors, textiles, design and art.

I grew up in the North of Ireland where I studied fashion design and technology then furthered my studies at LFC.

Managed in some really great restaurants such as "Orsino's" Holland Park ; "The Pharmacy" Notting Hill Gate and Dakota to name just a few.

Made a move to the Balearic islands where they asked me to be Head Chef..Eekkk..Thai; Japanese Hot Kitchen and Sushi - My 1st experience as a chef. It was a success. The label stuck. Castellano became a mother tongue.

Discovered a travel cooking bug.

Nipped off to Nepal got deep into meditation and stumbled upon the ancient studies of Auyrveda; another epic episode.

On my return I moved to Deia where I worked for Jamie Catto.

Then it just didn't stop...receiving an opportunity to race in Sant Tropez on a boat I fell in love with 'Belle Adventure' a 1929 Fife; a classic wooden Tea boat with character and merit; I never found another quite like her; she left a mark.

Did my first and last Atlantic Crossing on Zingaro a Perini Navi; boats became a way of life for the next seven years. During this I managed to cover most corners of the Mediterranean.

Travelled to Northeast Austraila and covered most ground there, it was here that sparked my interest in Raw and whole foods, it went deep.

Did Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand on a private Catamaran and returned to Mallorca and encouraged a Raw food scene.

I now reside in the six counties, my homeland, Gorgeous Belfast.


Health and wellbeing.

Consultancy, support and advice.

ByB is designed to guide you.

Only the most trusted and reliable resources are used to improve the welfare of our clients.

Tailored food, menu and cooking programmes based on your medical condition and lifestyle.

Alternative natural solutions and advice to be discussed with your GP and Dietician.

If you are keen we will work with you until you reach your destination.

Tailored programmes for:
- Better diet (more energy and vitality)
- Loose/Gain weight
- Sports and body building
- Hydrothyroidism/coeliac
- Type 1 and 2 diabetes
- Lactose intolerance
- Fibromyalgia

A 'The Shift' partner

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