Anna Richter

Portland, OR

Dedicated to helping the good causes of the world, Anna’s curiosity and drive have led her to Context Partners, where she researches the ties that bind communities in an attempt to discover what makes those communities thrive.

Anna has worked to educate nonprofits in using technology to further their missions and causes as the Nonprofit Technology Network’s program director. She made a direct and profound impact by coordinating NTEN’s online trainings and the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Prior to her work in the nonprofit technology community, Anna lived and worked for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. She used her engineering skills to design gravity-fed water systems and honed her tech-for-good skills as the director of a local nonprofit, Guaruma, which focuses on environmental education through computer and photography training.

Anna is studied sustainable business models and finance in an MBA program at Pinchot University (formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute). She graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Applied Engineering Science. She also serves on the board of Focus the Nation, a nonprofit working to create the next generation of energy leaders.