Anna Mariola Pierz

Student in Montpellier, France

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Eternal student- I am ready to cooperate with you, giving all my skills and experience to help you- to manage your employees and to grow as business person!

Traveling to different countries develops personality, gives experience, lots of fantastic memories but what is even more important allows to learn: to learn about other people, about different perceptions, cultures, but also just about yourself.

Besides all factors which have influence on my life I strongly believe that how it looks depends on me- my decisions, efforts, will to do and to change something- to go for my life!

Yes, I do not have experience at work, but I do have experience with people and have a lot of energy and will to listen, to learn, to work, to go, to travel and to be part of something bigger, something what will have influence on not only my life, but on your life and life of everyone else.

That is why I want to work in Human Resources- as I am interested in dealing with diversified groups and to use my knowledge and skills when managing groups to improve interpersonal relations and work environment in the company.

I do appreciate every single chance and I am trying to take from my life as much as I can and share it with other people. The chance to work with international employees, with different education and experience backgrounds, skills, coming from various cultures is the opportunity for me to develop as a human resources manager but also for the company- which can use my knowledge and experience to create positive relationships with international coworkers and improve their motivation and engagement which are crucial to build strong and growing company.

DO YOU want to grow your business? DO YOU want to have strong workforce? Do YOU need somebody who can help you to manage employees? YOU DO need ME!

  • Education
    • Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier