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Photographer and Writer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Anna and Jay-r, are couple from the Philippines but living in Dubai. An adventures seekers, vagrants, wanderers, travelers, beach lovers, backpackers, dreamers, trying hard photographers, it! :)

Where it all started?

Anna started living the world of travel since 2009, when her family and friends went on an out of town to “Majayjay falls” (this was her very first travel).

The name of this blog-site: “makakating paa” (itchy feet) was inspired by a group in facebook created by Anna's family who also love to travel. Definitely you’ll never wonder why they call their group with such distinctive name.

Finally Anna met Jay-r last 2010 and their story to travel the world begun.

Why we want to travel?

Simply because we LOVE IT!! It’s a fantastic ride. An exceptional journey, a nice way to escape the reality of life… It’s really nice to sometimes move away from your usual self and see the brighter side of LIFE and what it has to offer, discover the world in different angles, and go to places you never thought you’ll be, explore new cultures and meet different kinds of people (which could be a new friend). By traveling indeed, you will not just discover the world at its finest, but rather a journey to discover your own self.

This site is:

-where WE write about thoughts and insights about TRAVELING, what we usually do, share tips and advice on how you can travel in a way that it is tremendous without causing a lot of money to spend (spend your money wisely guys!).

-perfect to motivate people to look outside their comfort zone and treasure the things that are worth searching for!

Note: We're not an English major (nor English is not our talent), so please excuse us with our horrid English writing ability), Feel free to post your queries if there’s any; these were all subjective and based on experiences.