Anna Randle

Head of Public Services, Collaborate in London, United Kingdom

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I joined Collaborate in January 2016 to develop our practice on citizen-focused services, helping public bodies square the challenge of radically reducing resources with services that value the insights and capacity, as well as the needs, of citizens.

With a background in policy and practice in central and local government, I spent the last 4 years as Head of Policy for the London Borough of Lambeth, where I helped lead strategy and innovation focused shifting Lambeth’s operating model towards new models of collaborative public services as the first ‘Cooperative Council’. I therefore understand the scale of the challenge facing public services, the need to re-think traditional ways of working and the cultural barriers to new thinking and practice in public services. (More about that here:

Through my work at Lambeth I have helped design and implement new collaborative and outcome-based commissioning models and the wider system and culture change required to support new ways of working. I have designed and prototyped new approaches to community-based commissioning and neighbourhood ‘platform’​ models to support community activity, with a view to building community resilience (www.

Projects with Collaborate for 2016 include an exploration of the infrastructure required to underpin system vision and behaviours in Coventry (the second stage of Collaborate's 'Behaving Like a System' (; building new approaches to understanding and shaping demand for public services in boroughs including Lewisham and Brent; and helping Oldham develop a new 5 year Cooperative strategy and host an 'Art of the Possible' festival in September.

In previous lives I have been a SpAd to the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly at the Dept for Communities and Local Government and Dept for Transport; led work on local public service reform at NLGN and the RSA; and worked on the Lyons Inquiry based at HM Treasury.

I have written several reports and articles about the future of public services and local government, including ‘Managing Demand: Towards Future Public Services’ for the RSA/Collaborate in 2014, and ‘Towards a Social Value Framework’, published by Collaborate in 2013.