Anna Ravliuc

Artist in London, United Kingdom

Anna Ravliuc

Artist in London, United Kingdom

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My paintings do not intend to provide an idealistic view on the environment, but to recognise which individual roles in the surrounding society are important. As different rules apply in everyday life, my artworks demonstrate how society spreads beyond its own subjective horizons and often reveals a story about the outcomes of global cultural interaction on individuals.

Events 2016:

- 6-21 April - Ice House at Holland Park, Kensington, London UK

- 22-24 April - Reading Contemporary Art Fair, Reading, UK

- 3-5 June - Untitled Artists, Chelsea, London, UK

- 11-13 November - Windsor Art Fair, Windsor, UK

Publications 2015:

- British Vogue Magazine, July issue

- Inside Artists magazine, Summer issue

- Living Etc magazine, August issue

- British Vogue Magazine, August issue

- RussianUK magazine, February issue