Anna R Salis

I am Anna R Salis. I am the daughter of Clive, the sister of Paul, and the Aunty of Paul's Daughter, Maia. I was born in '92 on the 7th day of the year. I come from a broken home, that shattered my existence, and led to a whole lot of pain that grew with me as I grew, and became my own person, and has since followed me everywhere I have walked (and flew).

I love travel, flying, seeing new places on this crazy planet called Earth. I somehow feel safer in a plane full of strangers, 40,000 ft above the Earth, than I ever have down here. I have been to Australia once - Brisbane, Switzerland twice - Geneva, England twice - London mainly, France once - Paris + 2 little day trips over the border of Switzerland), US of A twice - California + Wisconsin. I have had numerous stop overs scattered everywhere from Singapore, to Germany, to the UAE.

I enjoy writing, letting the words that are trapped inside me, to pour out via the pen in my hand, onto the crisp white page infront of me. I am often amazed at what I write, what I have inside me, when they finally make sense, it is just perfect in a way. I have a collection of 12 vintage camera's, my oldest being from 1912. I am an avid TV watcher and occasionally enjoy the odd movie in the cinema. My favorite alcoholic drink is Vanilla Vodka + Coke, My favorite wine is Gewurztraminer, and my favorite warm drink is a White Hot Chocolate.

I am a quote buff, I have journal after journal full of them. My favorite one at the moment, would have to be "Some of us are meant to suffer, ya know? Some of us are meant to believe we have this certain destiny, and then it gets snatched away... But we have to stay alive. Because we have to see, how the story ends." - My Sassy Girl. I am a Mac addict, I have a 2007 MacBook, and a 4th Generation iPod Touch 32GB. I am hoping to upgrade my computer sometime soon.

I have a wonderful cat, called TicTac who I have had for just over 2 years. I live in New Zealand, but I wish I didn't. I'm pretty fucked up, but I am also rather selfless. I love black & white things, because I get sick of color every now and then. I am a lyrics kind of girl. I believe music can heal you. Some people pray, but I listen to music. I enjoy painting my nails/nail art, and if you walked into my room at 2am - You would probably find me watching TV shows online, or listening to a song on repeat. That's just how I am. This is just who I am.