Anna Skyner

Having begun work as a model at the age of 18 my first work experience in the media came as co-presenter of breakfast television on one of Russians national channels from 2002 to 2004. This role encouraged me to develop my artistic career, initially as a singer in the group «Королева» (winning third place in the Russian X-factor in 2005-06) I balanced this with a developing career in public relations, my work as the face of Aeroflot and Lukoil giving me the exposure to take on the role of international sales representative for the watchmaker Soyuz. In this position I actively contributed to Soyuz’s international marketing strategy, representing the company in trade fairs across the world. Also I had a great job as executive producer on " REN TV"- Russian tv channel . My desire to further my artistic career ultimately championed; I won a place at the prestigious Russian Institute of Theatrical Arts (GITIS) to study as an actress. Whilst studying at the Institute I performed a number of roles on stage at the Moscow theatre “School of Contemporary Plays”, in addition to appearing in a number of television serials. I hope that the experience I have gained over the past fifteen years has afforded me a breath and depth to fulfill any number of media, acting roles and new interesting projects.