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Chef, Artist, and Student in Omaha, Nebraska

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Hiya, I am Anna!

I am turning 50 in a few weeks and the wisdom is starting to just seep out of my pores so I decided to start sharing with you who is listening.

A little about me . . . (Haha. Since I am 5 ft tall). I grew up in the Midwest but always held on to the East Coast Italian food roots where my Dad was raised. Even though I was just six years old when we moved to Iowa, I still have food memories of homemade sauces, clambakes, and the Boston Red Sox from back East. Food is how we communicate, celebrate, and exist to this day.

I have done quite a few things in my professional life starting with working on a farm at 13 to traveling the country selling meat processing equipment at 40. I held different positions in between but always had a connection to the food industry. Recently I chose to pursue another passion, IT, and went back to school and earned my degree. I am currently doing a virtual internship with and I love it!

In October, 2015, Mr. Solberg and I were dealt a shocking blow! The dreaded results from a myriad of tests from an annual physical. Yes, that is right, Mr. Solberg joined the millions of people who have type 2 Diabetes. His A1C result was 11.5% which is almost twice as high as the recommended number. We started a crusade to get the number lowered, but where do we begin? The doctor who provided this crushing news had little information to fix the problem, but plenty of pill prescriptions. We attended a 2-day class for diabetes education which was helpful, but we knew that a lifestyle change was in order.

Now for the rest of the story . . .

I am extremely happily married to Steve, aka Mr. Solberg. There is definitely a possibility he may come up in my posts. Others that will appear are my daughter, Jill Anne, beautiful and intelligent. Son, Joey, good-looking and hard-working, Gabe, demon grandson, and Julia, gorgeous granddaughter will have to come up for bragging rights too. I should also mention Remi, our “troxie”. She is the newest member of our family. Message me about troxie!

I hope to share our success on our lifestyle change journey to those people that are in the same circumstances. At the time I am writing this, March 22, 2016, Mr. Solberg has lost 40 lbs. and lowered his A1C to 6.5%. I have lost 10 lbs. and went down 2 sizes. Through medication, nutrition, and exercise we have spit in the eye of diabetes. Change is not easy, but it is worthwhile!

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