Anna Anderson

Jersey City, New Jersey

(¯`v´¯) `·.¸ Hello everyone, My name is Anna Theresa Anderson, I'm in a relationship with a wonderful guy named Claude Harvey, He's the best thing that has ever happen to me, He make's my world go around and he pick's me up when I fall down, He's my hero, I can tell him everything and I can trust him with my life and not have to worry about him knocking me down, if he ever asked me to marry him, I'd say yes in a heartbeat we've been together since January 24,2007. I'm a mother of Jessica Bolles, Clarissa Anderson, Joey Anderson, Jacob Anderson. A grandmother of Ryliegh, Jordan, Christopher.. I've been threw hell and back, I'm living my life the way I wanta and if you don't wanta be apart of it or want anything to do with me, than fine remove your self from my space because I really don't care, I cannot stand drama, or childish bullshit. I was married to Eugene Paul Anderson, I love him with my life and I still do regardless of anything. I grew up in Jersey city. I only have a few hero's and that's My children, Claude and God, the only people that I can trust and not be stabled. well if anything else just ask :]

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