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A blog about musings of “what could have been” “what may be” and “what should be”.

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“I’m Catherine (middle name Anna hence the title) I’m 28 and I live in London with my boyfriend Mr B* of 5 years. I’m a hopeless romantic, people pleaser and daydreamer. I’m spontaneous, annoyingly organised and very impatient. I also find relationships hard despite having been in one for the majority of my adult life. I hope I can offer, if not advice, just an insight into a very normal girls take on relationships, love and life in a long time partnership.

Although the word partnership slightly makes my toes crawl and reminds me of a couple in their 40’s who gingerly kiss on the lips at a distance but never really want to touch each other**. I have a picture in my head, I don’t know if I am describing it very well. But yes, I think that is the last time I will ever use that word. Feel free to comment and virtually whack me over the head if I mention it again. I’m 28 not 60.

Any who, Mr B has been my boyfriend for 5 years and I met him online. I will definitely be writing a blog about online dating soon. That was a fun and bizarre experience. We bought a place together 2 years ago. A small little flat in South London and have no pets. I am not sure why I feel it is significant to tell you that but I feel it’s something people say. We go on holiday whenever we can afford to, get takeaways when we can afford to and love a good night watching TV boxsets.

Mr B is infuriating at times but I love him for his quirks. He is lazy, forgetful and at times very selfish, basically the complete opposite of me who over thinks, is very organised and has a diary which is religiously updated. They say opposites attract and I have come to believe this maybe true. Let’s see if you agree?”

*I will keep his name private for obvious reasons

**I tried to google the picture I was looking for but came up with nothing. Sorry!