Anna Vnukova

Also know as DreamyBreeze.

Birth date: 4th of February.

I usually take photos of nature and people.

Interests: photography, philosophy, writing, cycling.

My friends said I'm good at writing, but I need more practice. My plans are to write some articles for magazines; to learn more about camera settings.

During my freetime I ride a bicycle, surf the social webs and read a readable book. I have been reading the Millennium series, now it's the first book. I love aerobics, but sometimes I have no time/desire to do it.

I'm a music lover. I prefer rock and electro, especially 30 Seconds To Mars, Kill Hannah, Pendulum, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Moby. Also I like The XX, Imogen Heap, Massive Attack and A Thousand Suns album by Linkin Park.

I'm superstitious. I believe that the sign of the zodiak and name can influence on the human nature. I think it's truly because all my friends' traits are suit to their Zodiak's and names.