Anna Wagner-Ott

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Artist Statement:

Over my artistic career I have struggled with notions of "consistency" and doing art in one style and media, or sticking to variations on one theme. I was never satisfied with staying in a box as an artist, or trying to fit into a round or square peg that galleries and curators expected of me. Maybe my artistic personality developed because I am an art educator and have taught art to high school and university students. An art educator has to teach all media and techniques so I have to know how to teach processes, theories and how to develop a body of work on social, cultural and ecological themes. I get excited trying new media and love all processes relating to art and sharing my knowledge with students of all ages.

In the 70's I began my artistic career as a painter and then found the world of Bunraku and Javanese puppetry and these puppets influenced a long journey into making puppets, costumes for puppets and masks for theatre productions and gallery exhibitions. Then, in 2009, I discovered art quilts and made a quilt for my daughter as a graduation gift and loved the process of quilting because I could combine all of my artistic talents. Over the last 5 years I have been creating mixed-media artworks by integrating fabric, fusing and, more recently, exploring surface design techniques with encaustic onto panels, paper and fabrics.


Professor Emeritus, Art Department, California State University in Sacramento, Anna Wagner-Ott earned a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and a PhD in Art Education. Anna Wagner-Ott has received numerous awards and participated in solo and group shows in public and private galleries in California, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.


  • Work
    • Professor Emeritus, Art Department, CSUS
  • Education
    • PhD Art Education