anna wohlesser

Wien, Österreich

anna wohlesser

Wien, Österreich as a facilitator and process designer who creates meaningful learning spaces at conferences, workshops and retreats for teams, organizations and institutions.

...believes in and supports a collaborative work culture – one that uses the potential and strengths of everyone and taps into the collective wisdom of the group. inspired by The Way of Council, Art of Hosting and Theory U. Loves hosting dinner parties as much as meaningful conversations.

...offers: Conference Design and Facilitation, Teambuilding and Teamcoaching, Participatory Process Design, Training and Consulting.

...worked among others with:

*UN Alliance of Civilization *Global Impact Hub Network *International Organization for Migration *Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs *Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth *University of Vienna *Austrian National Youth Council *European Forum Alpbach *freims: contemporary consulting *FORUM Umweltbildung *JedesKind *Vollpension

Looking forward to co-create a future that uses all of our potential. Contact me if you have any questions, ideas or comments:


+43 699 104 717 53