Ann Lovely Banks

Hello! My name Is Paulette or you could call me Ann. I'm nothing special. I'm still a Junior in high school. I live in a little sad place called the Philippines a.k.a. Narnia. The place where i can never see my fav bands even though they already did visit but i live so far and i don't have the money to casually go to where they are. I would like to mmet One direction, they are awesome and no, i don't just like their faces even though they are flawless ans sexy and huuuuh x. haha. This Century, any boyband you could guess really. Girl ofcourse. I'm 5'2? fuck my height guise. I'm a spirited person when you get me behind a laptop or a computer. I talk when the topic is interesting. It try my hardest to be who i am and try not to be liek others. I pretty much spend all my day at home or at school. I have the coolest friends and no, it's not like in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging :3. I have many friends and some frienemies, well can't avoid that either, my stand is that i've finally stand up for something right in my life that's why i have haters but some call me nice, pretty at times haha. I can be your nerd,friend,bestrfriend. I have a bestfriend, she's cool, she's weird but totally opposite of me, we're almost the same height though(that's just bc i stopped growing.) I'm a curly haired African-American Asian. My skin is tanned, My hair is pretty although i want to straighten it someday. I have pimples, like any other teenager but i think they're not noticable after all the cream i put and expenses for cosmetic brands like ftw. I have a lot of questions in my mind everyday but it always stays a qeustion. I have 3 siblings, I have an older sister. Babygirl. She's in college now so we never really talk much and fight lioke any other normal sisters. But before, we were like cats& dogs. srsly, all the word fighting physically and mentally lol but now, w're call. distance changes things you know?. Sh'es studying as a Mechanical Engineer like my father. My mom is a normal housewife and nomatter how much she nags, we still love her and appreciate all the sacrifices she's done. I have two younger sisters, Joyce, she's different but we get along sometimes,she's in grade 7, Mae, we're cool, she's in grade 3. wait, my neck hurts writing this things. which reminds me i need to get writing my book report. It's about Nicholas Sparks(A Bend in the Road) my teacher would love it. As always it is about love and it always end in a tragedy, but it is also about for