Ann Cavoukian

After earning a Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialty in law and criminology, Ann Cavoukian joined the Research Services Branch for the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ontario. Later, Ms. Cavoukian accepted a position with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in Ontario and performed as its first Director of Compliance. She eventually became Assistant Commissioner. Since 1997, she has served as Commissioner. The Ontario legislature has reappointed Ann Cavoukian to the role twice. Her current tenure ends in 2014. As Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian holds responsibility for all access and privacy matters throughout the province. She ensures that various groups comply with Ontario’s access and privacy acts. Ms. Cavoukian also studies privacy and access rights and provides recommendations to the government regarding new laws that could affect these issues. Through Privacy by Design, one of her initiatives, Ms. Cavoukian encourages the combination of privacy and security in a proactive, positive sum manner when developing new technologies. Ann Cavoukian's initiatives, which can be found at, influence physical design and infrastructures, business practices, and information technology. Outside of the office, Ann Cavoukian maintains involvement in her field by participating in a number of organizations. In addition to serving as Chair of the Identity, Privacy and Security Institute at the University of Toronto, Ms. Cavoukian belongs to the RIM Council Strategic Advisory Board and the Future of Privacy Forum’s Board. She also serves as a member of the International Biometric Advisory Council. A charitable individual, she assists the Casey House, the Canadian Cancer Society, CANFAR (the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research), and the AIDS Committee of Toronto.