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Anndrea 's Music History*

Anndrea was born a Composer on June 28, 1970 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, USA to her parents Brad and Kathy Rasmussen. Anndrea's mom played the piano and sang while Anndrea was in her stomache. Anndrea played the piano from the beginning of her life. She has a great history in music and the arts.

Welcome!This is the history of: Anndrea, in music and the arts. HER WALK IN LIFE.

Anndrea is a true composer. Her top and best song that she has ever composed is entitled "Yanni". She was filmed in her first music DVD/video also entitled "Yanni". You can watch this video on youtube. Just type in Anndrea and Yanni on the youtube search and it should bring the video up with no problem.~~~ She grew up in a small town centered in the middle of the state of Utah, called Salina. A place where music has a phenomenol history. Her Great Great Grandfather Neil C. Rasmussen settled the sugar beet and salt-mine town, yet presently known for its coal mining and trucking businesses. She presently resides in the state of Utah.* Throughout her life, she's heard, sang, danced and performed music. Her favorite and most enchanting instrument to play is the Piano. She especially loves to play instrumental music on the Digital Baby Grand Piano. HER Grandma Therresa had her own women's choir called the Amorettes. Anndrea remembers watching her grandma conduct the choir while her mom, Kathy, sang.* At the age of 3, Anndrea's mother bought a Metropolitan upright piano from a peddler passing by the town. Often she'd watch her mother play the piano and register the connection of the keys with the sounds coming from the piano. Also, she watched her Grandmother conduct and perform in local gatherings, including a women's choir that Anndrea's Mom participated in. Listening and watching these two musically talented ladies, Anndrea began to develop her own talent.At the age of 5, Anndrea's mother arranged for Anndrea, her older brother and her little sister, to perform in a local Christmas program. There, with her siblings, they sang "Frosty the Snowman". Anndrea remembers this moment as the time she felt happy and comfortable in front of an audience. What a coincidence! Unbelievable! At the time, she was scared of Santa Claus.**Several months later, the time of the Bicentennial Celebration, Kat