Anne A u r a s m a a

Helsinki and Pihtipudas, Finland

Due to my health I retired from the University of Helsinki, and now my life consists of pleasurable things only. During summers I tend my garden and restore old buildings; I enjoy sun, swims and forest-walks; in wintertime I read and write more; every now and then I design books and give talks/lectures - and I take photos all the time. You can find some examples of my images from PHEED, I also have hundreds of pictures on my Facebook albums.

My current research-interest is Korean boy-idols. However, most of my professional life I have spend studying museums; my doctoral thesis was about some of the more hermetic ideas behind forming the first museums, and I have also written about contemporary exhibitions and their response as well as on other more or less related issues such as colonialism.

My strongest personal trait is curiosity, I want to see and experience pretty much everything. To understand what and why, to find hidden connections excite me the most. Nevertheless, I like to keep in mind my grandmother, who said that you are allowed to think before you start to experiment.

  • Work
    • I am free as a bird
  • Education
    • Ph,D, (Art History, History of Museums)