Anne Kliebisch


Your conferences and events are dull?
You are not talking about the right things? Or does it seem like your not working for the same goals and visions anymore?

You wish to work on a deeper level in your organisation / project group / team or at your event?

To get an idea of who I am you can find a list of projects I worked on below. To get stared I would love to meet in person (or on telefon).
The methods are the foundation for my work. And after an Analysis-Dialog we will create a suitable process design for your need.

I work with
Theory U
Medicine Wheel
Creativity methods
Project Management

Topics I work on
Collective Leadership
Vision Factories
Sustainable Development
Rethinking Economy


Hosting lively conferences
Start-up Conference Tatendrang
Young Professional Women in the Social Sector
Leadership³ Festival of perspectives
Cool Ideas Society - Creativity Buster Sessions
Tag der Ideen (Day of Ideas) - Ideas for a Future Economy and Society coming to Life

The Art of Trainings
Rethinking Projectmanagement
Hosting Training for Cool Ideas Society Hosts
Processconsulting Training at the Leadership Academy
Moderation Training

Growing.Together (Teambuilding and Vision Factory)
Kein Abseits (Organisation for Intercultural Connection in Germany)
Bundesverband für Menschen in Insolvenz (German Association for People in Insolvency)
SMU - Online Web Developer
Federation of German Trusts

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