Annette Lawrence


As of November 2011, I plan on travelling to the south-eastern parts ofChina as well as Seoul, South Korea - the second largest city in the world. From there, spend 4-5 months in the Caribbean to learn more about its history, tourism industry and generational gap.

RUStudentLife Senior Orientation and Special Projects Lead, I am responsible for the planning and execution of Ryerson's Orientation Week 2011 and pre/post Orientation events. I am the supervisor of the Orientation Team, which consists of two Events Leads, a Marketing and Sponsorship Lead, Multimedia and Online Relations Lead and the Orientation Crew Lead which manages over 100 volunteers.

In the past:

Ryerson Commerce Society (RCS) Vice President of Administration and Operations, I was responsible for the organizational functions and documents of the RCS (constitution, bylaws, policies & procedures) and managed over fourty RCS members in my portfolio. This was a great learning experience and provided me with excellent networking opportunities.

Ted Rogers Management Conference Vice President of Communications I was apart of the inaugural organizing committee for this national undergraduate business conference at Ryerson University promoting entrepreneurship, personal/professional development and philanthropy. I was responsible for all communications to delegates from across the country via social media, print, website and marketing campaigns.

Tri-Mentoring Program Lead Mentor I was responsible for the well being of 47 mentor-mentee relationships, providing guidance and resources to each pair. I have a sincere passion for leading and sharing my experiences to students thus encouraging them to get involved within the Ryerson community. Not everything can be learned from books, but from experience.