Anne-Lisa Preston

Silverdale, WA

My story starts in Montana, raised by two teachers in a state that can be a bit sheltered from the rest of the country. In 1987, with the birth of my daughter, I moved to Seattle and was transplanted into a world that was foreign to me. So many people, so much traffic, diversity I'd never encountered, ethnic food I'd never heard of --- I was in heaven!! And I fell in love with the Puget Sound immediately and have called it home ever since.

My family moved to Montana when I was 5 from Minnesota and ever since I've never lived where I couldn't see a mountain range from my window, I can't imagine life without a mountain and feel sorry for those who haven't experienced it.

I have loved my career, but I don't like it to define who I am. I have two degrees, however, since I was laid off in 2009, I have been in and out of work .. never working longer than 6 months ... until now in March 2013 when I still looking for work. I find myself to speak up for those that find themselves in my situation -- educated and unemployed due to this horrendous economy we are in, it is a terrible thing when a person with an MBA is on food stamps.

I consider myself to be politically active -- a progressive liberal who speaks her mind.

My favorite 'job' is writing a "reader blog" for the local newspaper reviewing restaurants and blogging about other dining/food issues. I almost feel like I missed my calling to be a food critic... maybe in a former life.

Follow me as I search for work, maybe start my own business in the fields of accounting and human resources, review restaurants, rant about the topics of the day...

  • Work
    • Accounting
  • Education
    • University of Montana
    • University of Phoenix
    • Great Falls High School