Anne Lower

Los Angeles

Called “Hollywood’s hardest working filmmaker” by talk show host Casey Ryan, Anne has written and directed for the stage and screen; her works have won awards in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Denver, and last year was a finalist for the Sundance Film Festival table read. Anne was trained by screenwriting guru Blake Snyder, and worked at Save the Cat! Enterprises until after Snyder's death. She works as a freelance film director, screenwriter and story consultant.

Anne’s web series, They Live Among Us, debuted last fall, with the next installation currently in post. She and her partner Geoff Reeves’ pilot, Interglobal Trading Fund was executive produced by Cindi Rice (Dungeons and Dragons) and Mark Kern (World of Warcraft) of Red 5 Studios, and is being distributed through Continuum, with plans to develop a series and gaming franchise. Anne and Geoff founded Hammer Down Productions and are shopping an adventure/reality show, packaging a one-hour cable pilot, adding to their other projects in development. This summer, Anne will be directing for a Summer Women's Filmmaking Collective in Los Angeles.

Anne has led seminars and workshops for Women in Film – Los Angeles, Women in Focus, Freshi Film Festival, International Film Festival, UFVA and others. She has served as a finalist judge for the Hollywood VPype project with Julie Richardson and Frank Darabont. She’s also served as Organizing Director for V-day for three years. Through this work, she helped to establish the Delores Fund, assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to receive stop-gap funding, in order to remove them from dangerous situations and receive an education.

Anne works as the newsletter editor for ScreenwritingU, and blogs about life in Hollywood at Princess Scribe, recently named “Screenwriting Web Site of the Week” by SCRIPT Magazine. Her feature, EDEN, is slated for production in Spring of 2014. In her spare time, when she is not working out, playing with fast cars, or cooking up a storm, Anne can be found sleeping. Sometimes.