Anne Plummer

Woodbridge, VA

I'm originally from Stuttgart, Germany, though I've lived in Virginia for a good part of my life. I often joke that if I'd been born in the US, I would have probably been born in the South. I love the South. Georgia, south of Atlanta, South. Where the pecan trees and peaches grow in abundance, and everyone is just as sweet as the best sweet tea. A girl can dream, can't she? ;)

I love love. Plain and simple.

I'm a sucker for pretty lettering, clean typography, and gold foiled letterpress. I'm picky about my paper, and buy way to many notebooks that I sometimes never write in, or only write in until I find another.

I love being behind the lens, capturing moments that will be cherished forever. I've seen, first hand, the importance and power of a photograph though my travels as a disaster relief volunteer. The personal stories and photographs I've had the honor of being privy to, is what fuels my passion to capture the special moments in your life.

I love to travel to new places and meet new people! And in 2014 I'm focusing on my photography and working on a degree in Advertising and Marketing from Penn State.

Let's get together and make some incredible memories!!

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