Anne Sutton

Queensland, Australia


I am a very mature aged student going into third year majoring in special education. I have found it quiet daunting going back to study after 30 years. I have a 21 year old son who is in 4th year and a 19 year old daughter who is in 2nd year. They both study at UQ, so exam time in our household is a lot of fun. My husband works in ICT which is a mixed blessing, he is able to fix my many ICT glitches but he likes to do rather than explain how it is done.
Before beginning studying, to say I had a relationship with ICT would be a stretch; I did not even know how to make a PowerPoint. Whilst my skills have improved (thanks to the web quest), I still consider myself a technology infant i.e. helpless, frustrated with lots of yelling and crying when confronted with new technology. However, I believe it is vital for teachers to be ICT savvy. Students are technology literate from a very young age and teachers need to use these literacies to engage them with their learning. ICT is also very beneficial for students with special needs and teachers need to ensure they are receiving the most effective technologies to suit their needs.

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