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First, the bad news: No, tantra is not just about having sex for hours and hours at a time. Tantra, which has ties to Indian Vedic traditions, is a spiritual practice, and it’s all about connecting to your partner—and yourself—on a deeper level.

The theory

For an introduction to the practice, try Butterfly Workshops’ “Bliss: Beginner’s Tantra,” held in London in April and led by Phoenix-based coach (sometimes called a tantrika) Laurie Handlers ( It covers the basics of tantra; you’ll learn all about chakras (meaningful locations on the body) and cobra breathing (a technique that raises energy), and will discover sex techniques and conscious connections.

Once you get the basics down, you are ready for Mystic tantra workshop at Marylebone (tantralink Feb 12 at 7:30pm), where you will learn to “integrate the mind, body and spirit with the conscious intention to love.” Because the tantric philosophy is meant to permeate every aspect of a practitioner’s life, a great deal of time is devoted to meditation and yoga-like poses.

The practice

For couples looking to tap into their deeper selves, husband-and-wife team Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson offer private sessions in the city (; £200 for 90 minutes), which focus on bonding and awareness (no, not specific sexual technique unless you request it). Their “Erotic Empowerment Online” course (£200), 13 online lessons conducted over e-mail, is good for people who still feel shy about getting touchy-feely around an instructor.

In a more traditional class, the teacher leads singles and couples in stretching and breathing exercises—and sometimes chanting—which are meant to help students move energy through the mind, body and spirit. Barbara Carrellas, an author, lecturer and sex educator, leads a workshop detailing that interplay called “Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century” ( March 5 at 1pm, £120--£130).

If you have intimacy issues (or just can’t sit still), try the Tantric yoga Tuesdays at Spirits ( Tue 7 and 8pm). “It’s a form of social dance that engages people on a deep, intimate level and brings all the aspects of sensuality, courtship and seduction into a simple dance,” said founder Richard Anton Diaz. Bring your dancing shoes and an open mind to the Tuesday night beginner or