Anne Weißenborn

Sittard, the Netherlands

I am a student of tourism and leisure, currently writing my master thesis. I do committee work for my studies at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

I was born and raised in Dresden. For my bachelors and first jobs I lived in Germany, Denmark and Georgia (US). During this time I focussed on tourism management, ecommerce and online marketing. Later my attention shifted to alternative forms of travel and responsible tourism.

What I like: being outside, cooking/eating, cycling, reading, walking up and down mountains, political discussions, balkony gardening, visiting new places, art and movies. What I don't like: shopping, racism and discrimination, violence, car-dominated mobility.

Did you hike on the Via Alpina? Please contact me, if you'd like to share your experiences for research!

  • Education
    • Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum