Anne Marie Cisz

Who I Truly Am on the Inside:

I am a child of God, created in His image. I am a precious, princess daughter and worshiper of my King and my God!

Who He is to Me:

Abba Father God is my Daddy. Jesus is my Savior. The Holy Spirit is my Comforter and Helper.

What He Rescued Me From:

I will forever thank Jesus, my personal Savior, and God, my Heavenly Father, for rescuing me out of the horrors of anorexia, rapes, sexual abuse, and sexual promiscuity, and for sparing my life from a potentially life-threatening pulmonary embolism (blood clot that traveled to my lung!)!

My Life's Passionate Purpose is To:

know, love, pursue, and worship God intimately, pray for God's intimate breath and touch upon other people's lives, bring the message of true life, love, hope, and joy to a hurting generation, and leave a written legacy for generations to come!

My Three-Fold Ministry:

(1) Raise my three precious children in the nurture and admonition of the LORD
(2) Passionate Intercessor
(3) Author of a lasting legacy in the form of printed and digital writing.

All This while Battling a Demonic, Life-Altering, Chronic Sickness That Tries to Steal it All Away:

Every many physically-challenging and painful ways! Phew!

(Breathe, Anne, breathe! It's no wonder I'm soooooo fatigued all the time!)

  • Work
    • True Life Legacy Ministries
  • Education
    • Degree in Early Childhood Education