Anne Sullivan

Amherst, Massachusetts

I have a passion for making fashion affordable to the middle class and for making designer fashion not just a hobby only for the rich but for everyone. One way to do this is to shop at off price retailers. You can buy top designers like Michael Kors, Coach, etc. at prices way lower than prices of those same products you would see at department stores. You may think that these stores are last year’s styles and no longer the trend. But in fact, these products are usually in season and the exact same products being sold in department or designer stores. How do these off price retail stores get their products so cheap you might ask? Off price retail stores take advantage of designer’s perhaps over productions, miscalculations, etc. In addition, discounts can be acquired by buying in bulk. These stores can then pass down these significant discounts to consumers like you and I.

Unless you have an unlimited budget which most college students like me don’t I personally believe that in order for you to have the best closet you need to be not only fashion conscious but economical as well. Why would you pay more for a designer bag when you can get that same bag at a different store for 50% off? It’s just logical. This is why I hope to pursue a career in buying for off price retail stores. Therefore, I can take my skills I gained from my degree at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management in Operations and Information Technology to determine what will sell good in these retails stores. Then, determine how to obtain goods at the best-discounted prices in order to sell them at the best prices for consumers.

  • Work
    • State Street Corporation
  • Education
    • Medway High School
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst