Anne Timms


Lifting People up Towards Economic Independance

Anne Timms is a proud graduate of the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Programme (2013), ABCD (Coady Institute (University of Canada) in partnership with GIBS - 2012), Truth about Trust (Entente International - 2011), Parenting Skills (BrainBoosters - 2012), Member of Personal Mastery & Leadership Development (More to Life - 2010) and SECP (GIBS - 2009).

She is a GIBS (University PTA) Alumni and has 20 years' experience in Community Development & Engagement; Socio-Economic Development Programmes & Projects (SED); Local Economic Development (LED); Public Participation; Baseline Socio-Economic Surveys; Poverty Eradication (Wealth Creation); Community Enterprise Development (ED) & Entrepreneurship & Livelihood Development; Accredited and Portable Skills & Life Skills Development & Training; Communications; Social, Institutional & Economic Programmes and Projects; Parenting & ECD Skills Training & Development; Asset Based Community Development Project (ABCD), Workshop Facilitation, Incubation, Coaching & Mentoring, Truth about Trust in Communities and Relationships; Project & Event Management; and Personal Mastery & Leadership Development.

Anne is a QUALIFIED facilitator of the Asset Based Community Development Programme and BrainBoosters Parenting Skills. Her unique broad skillset and profound knowledge and deep understanding of grass-root community development makes her the best possible candidate to lead the baseline socio-economic survey and to facilitate ABCD workshops. Her grounded, present and convincing personal style to successfully engage others brings about sustainable results in the communities she is involved in. Her unique combination of tools, experience, and content expertise is ideally suited to helping participants to develop the additional skills, assets and attributes they need to effectively initiate, motivate, and lead sustainability asset based change efforts.

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