Camille Anne

Camille Anne

Anne for Short | Living since 29th of August 1993 | Residing in Manila, Philippines | Studying at one of the non-sectarian Higher Education Institution here in the Philippines |An incoming senior collegiate student, an English Major | NBSB |

O' hail, O' Queen! Give respect because I'm the Queen of Weirdness. :) I'm a kid whose soul is trapped in a young woman's body.

A person with contrasting personality.

Childlike but knows Maturity. Stupendously sloth and pretty-clumsy yet OC and hard-working. I'm not snob, I'm just shy. I'm easily attracted and easily distracted. I talk like a parrot, yet I'm silent. I'm a great secret keeper. A happy-go-lucky type of gal yet a loner. Loves to smile, however, it rarely reflects reality. A by-product of a broken family. Understanding, honest, easy to be with and can easily trust someone.

I'm beyond Imperfection. Unusual. Indifferent. Totally Weird. Magnanimously Strange. Unbelievably Mysterious.