Wianne Carima


Hi! I'm Wianne Carima.. You can call me Anne..

I was born in Bandung on 1993, September 11th.

I'm the only one daughter who have a great family. I love my mom, my dad, and also my brother.

I'm still struggling as Medical student on UNISBA. I'm 2012 class. Being Medstud is not easy, but enjoying the journey is the best way be a Medstud because being a Medstud then becoming a doctor you will be a Long-Life-Learner.

I'm so thankful having my family who always support me whenever, wherever.

I'm lucky having a lot of amazing best friends, they always listen me, cheer me up, and make my life colorful.

My dreams are becoming a great doctor, be a cardiologist, continuing my study abroad, be a lecturer, becoming a great wife and be a great mother for my children soon.

Life is a choice. You have to choose every step you will take. I believe every step that I take day by day it has a story that I can learn later. It makes me more mature and ready to struggling this life.

  • Education
    • Medical Faculty UNISBA
    • SMA Negeri 1 Cianjur
    • SMP Negeri 4 Cianjur
    • SDN Ibu Jenab I Cianjur
    • TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal 1 Cianjur