Anne Carriere

Actress | Non-Union and | Northern Ontario Resident in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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I'm an Actress. I like to perform and bring characters to life. I do this best by looking back on my own personal life experiences and by capturing a feeling from my pool of emotions. I also like diving into the uncharted territory of my imagination where new discoveries are endless. Sounds fascinating? It is to me and I'd like to share my passion with you and everyone else.

When it comes to crafting my acting skills, I must say that I am proactive. My training over the past year has supported my growth. I have reformed my weaknesses and polished my strengths alongside the feedback provided by my Acting Instructor; Melissa A. Smith at the MAS Acting Studios. My goal is to gain experience and credits for Actor and Principle roles for Film, Television, Commercial and Voice-Over projects.

A journey that begins in Northern Ontario... A dream worth dreaming with opportunities in my own backyard much larger than I could have ever imagined possible. How exhilarating!

I appreciate your time and thank you for reading my page.

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