Anne Coleman

First, I'm Mom to 7.

Second, Foodie.

The first thing I remember making that one would ingest (without falling ill) was iced tea from a mix when I was 4. My mother was busy chatting with a friend and all of my pleas for iced tea went unnoticed. I climbed up on the counter and mixed myself a perfect drink of unsweetened iced tea. Yuck.

The second thing I remember "cooking" was flour and water pizza dough with my younger brother that was topped with sliced tomato and American cheese. It was not fit for human consumption.

Luckily as I grew and watched my mother and grandmothers and great-granmother cook for my four brothers and I and all manner of "church folk" in the Midwest, I learned.

After high school I got married and started a family first. School was secondary and I thought I might get a degree in something completely unrelated to food until I found a Culinary Arts course at a local school. I was in the very first class ever and the curriculum was very close to that of The French Culinary Institute in NYC.

I loved school, excelled at all I did and readied myself for a fabulous career. Life happened, though and the career never came, though many more children did.

After 6 kids I started a blog to chronicle our food experiences and Cooking with Anne was born in 2005. After a small award and getting my name out on the internet as much as I could, I was asked to write for Disney's

I never saw my food career going in the direction it has, but even with a lot of life going on (births, deaths, divorce) food is the one constant, the one thing I can turn to when I need to ground myself and get my head on straight.

Culinary-student-mom-turned-writer-recipe-developer-photographer is not where I envisioned I would be at any point in my life, but it's been fun regardless. I hope to someday travel to Provence, meet up with Peter Mayle for lunch, and then open a small cafe after all the kids are off in school. It may be far-fetched for me, but I'm not much of a quitter ... we'll see.