Anne Delauney-Ladevèze

Paris (France)

I live in Paris and work for Brainsonic Paris as a Social Media Strategy consultant.

I formerly worked for 1ere Position, SEO, SMO agency founded in 1999.

As a Social Media Optimization international Consultant, I provide clients with all the SEO knowledge of 1ere Position added my Social Media expertise.

On a day to day basis, I build with my clients 2.0 strategies and E-Reputation Audit in accordance with their SEO strategy for it to be 100% efficient.

As an International Community Manager, I used to work for Presence Mystery Shopping and was dealing with Mystery Shoppers on an international basis. I develop European communities as well as those form China and North America.

I previously worked for IRIUM Deutschland GmbH (ERP editor) as Marketing and Communication Manager for the German speaking countries as well as Benelux, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. I was also Webmaster for the IRIUM Group.

I was in charge of

• creating and adapting brochures in German, English and French,

• generating leads through direct marketing campaigns,

• editing corporate newsletters in three languages,

• building successful partnerships (business, product and technologic partnerships, eg. IBM) ...

I spent 6 months in Great Britain as a child when I was 9 years old. I thus can speak English (bilingual). After my A levels I spent one year in Germany in order to learn the Goethe Language.

After this time I started University where I studied foreign languages and International Business. After 5 years I end up with

• A Bachelor's Degree in Foreign languages and international business,

• A Master's Degree in International Marketing and Management,

• A Master's Degree in International Business with Eastern European Countries and the Independant States Community

I then spent 6 months in Romania doing my final internship as a Business developper for a Call Center based in Bucharest.

I'm a very sociable person and I am curious about people cultures, etc.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me!

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