Annie G

Blogging in Australia

Hi my name is Annie

I live in a beautiful part of Australia called the Gold Coast. I am a Grandmother and just recently decided to try my hand at blogging. I would love to be a writer but poor grammar would put paid to that ideal.

Blogging sounds very unformal and I feel it is more suited to people from all walks of life. Perhaps blogging is just about sharing stories, news, interests with people from all around the world.

I think I would love reading stories that other people have to tell, whether it be fiction or truth or a bit of both. A story has a bit of both, my stories will be mostly about my life but some fiction, some factual. Laughter is always fun, but life isn't always fun, so I think my blogs will have a bit of everything going on.

Because I am an Aussie I will include quite a few Aussie slang words, sayings in my blogs.