Anne Hunt Cheevers

Anne Hunt Cheevers

Senior digital marketing, audience development, content and product development strategist with over 20 years of experience. Core competencies include:

Multi-channel marketing and audience development for content, memberships, events, education, and professional services for b2b and b2c audiences. In depth knowledge in search engine marketing including search engine optimization, social media, PPC and CPL.

Turnaround specialist employing product development, customer acquisition and retention, creative and list strategies, strategic planning, business development, market research and competitive analysis for stellar results.

Strong business and marketplace understanding with a customer-oriented perspective. Particular experience in organizational turnaround and change management.


multi-channel marketing (web, e-mail, mail, phone) for content, membership and professional services
product development (new markets and brand extensions)
publishing, event and membership customer acquisition and retention
organization development
SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing
Loyalty and retention
sales team creation and development
market research
public relations