Anneka Hansen

The truth of what happened to me.

We were discussing something (I forget what), when my father suddenly put his left hand to his forehead, as though he had a sudden headache, but later learned it was utter incredulity, said, 'Oh my God', (as he must have seen one of his close relatives, whom I could not, who had come to fetch him, to guide him to the 'other side') and collapsed heavily, to the right onto the settee, and did not move again, I leaped up from where I was sitting, listening to his oratory, and exclaimed, 'Pop, (the American word for "father") are you okay?', no response, then I started screaming in terror, as I had NO EXPERIENCE in this whatsoever, then a brief but severe battle started inside me, as I thought 'There will be HELL to pay, if I act on my own', as I had never done that before, but then I thought, 'I would rather pay hell, and have my father alive again'.

So, I dived over to the phone, which sat on top of my collection of videos, I fell to my knees, sliding on the carpet the rest of the way, (I was wearing trousers, which protected me from carpet burns) my knees slammed into the videos, sending them everywhere, as I reached for the phone and punched in 99999, in panic, I told the operator what I wanted, I said, ' Send an ambulance, paramedics, the works, I will pay for it, if I have to', at the same time as I was screaming at my father, in the meantime, as I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I was standing between the lounge and the dining room, one hand on each of the door handles, and jumping up and down like a maniac, screaming, 'Call me a noisy bitch, call me a noisy cow', in the vain hope that he would wake up and call me those things, but it never happened, it was a miracle the neighbours did not complain.

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