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Anne Kaakkuriniemi

Travel industry in Islanti

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Moi! I am Anne, a travel industry enthusiast since 1998 when I decided to head to the playground of tourism industry. At the moment I am mostly working behind the screen, helping tours & activity providers and destinations grow their online visibility, so on the other words – help them to serve travelers better.

I am a Finnish living in Iceland so I am enjoying the best sides of these both interesting destinations. At leisure you`ll find me in the nature, traveling or doing/watching sports.

I think the awareness of trying new things is something that keeps people and tourism industry going – so I am reminding every day myself of the following and suggest you to keep this in mind too: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”.

Want to discuss? Feel free to contact me, would be interesting to discuss and share thoughts!


Ps. I have lived in Lapland for many years, so I am kind of “a Finnish Lapland lover”, so any talks / questions related to Lapland, I am happy to advice or help you to contact with right folks in Lapland.