Anneke Morrens-Model


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I am an artist painter and model.

Therefore someone who is very sensitive in her perception of things and her surroundings.

People, emotions, nature and many more things, being it 'visible', visual or invisible, stick in her mind and on her retina.

The eye of the beholder is charmed by my A-typical personality and looks.

I have a talent for play-acting and do so in modeling work.

I'm passionat about art and photography...I am passionated by people.

Once in front of a camera or a painter, no word needs to be spoken, there is an understanding, a symbiosis between two artists.

The same goes for my art, once in front of a canvas or paper I use what's been stored in my memorie.

One dot of paint or pencil and I commence the lines of my memory plus my emotions of the moment...

...reflections of my state of being, my state of mind.

I am original, genuin and out of the ordinary.

By no means am I a mediocre model nor is my pesonality.

Thanks for reading me


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