Kinesiologist in Caboolture, Australia

Kinesiologist at Skin Focus and Caboolture Natural Therapies.

Kinesiology was one of those words I had come across and never understood but it popped up again and again as I was searching for my little niche in life.

I began delving deep into holistic medicine and complementary therapies researching and trying to find that one thing that made my smile broaden, my eyes light up and my heart soar. I knew I wanted to help people heal their bodies and become their best selves and as a kinesiologist (along with my partner Joel) I now do this every day and I love, love, love it!

Kinesiology uses feedback responses from your brain through your central nervous system and your muscles to determine where stress is held in your body. This stress could be causing your body to function poorly resulting in emotional stress, physical tension and injury, digestion issues, brain dysfunction - any symptom outside your body's optimal range of function.

With over 50 stress release and balancing techniques ranging from western, eastern, complementary and energy medicines both I can then find exactly what your body needs to start your journey back to perfect health.

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