Anne Koehlinger

Chicago, IL

Anne Koehlinger is passionate about culinary arts and hopes to own her own business after she completes her undergraduate studies. She has recently finished a program of university studies at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep and is now attending a culinary college. Anne Koehlinger plans to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies.

Anne Koehlinger is not waiting until after college to pursue her passion for culinary arts, and has already traveled to some of the world’s finest restaurants. She visited Café Med and St. Catherine’s Bistro in Paris and also met the chefs at Capella Pedregal. The food culture in Paris made an especially strong impression on Anne Koehlinger, and reinforced her enthusiasm for culinary arts.

When she is not studying culinary arts, Anne Koehlinger loves ballroom dancing and spending time with her family and their two dogs.

  • Education
    • IIIinois Virtual School For College Prep.