Anne-Laure Valéry

Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon France

Organize events, is something complex and required valuable skills. AsLaura Ingalls Wilder noticed « The trouble with organizing a thing is that prettysoon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to whatthey're organized for.» Attractcorrectly the attention of the public is a constant labor, and is something Iwould like to work on.Newmanagerial systems are created and should be implemented in organizations. Theraise of the social medias impacts our society and they need to be usedappropriately. Thanks to my bachelor diploma from Montpellier Business School,I would be able to use the good tools at the opportune moments. For instance, I used my lecture in my last experiences, especially with San Diego Habitat For Humanity where I was in charge of many events, and I had to use my negotiation skills to obtain sponsorships.I think that in the event field, working in team is the best way to obtain the strongest outcomes. Ibelieve in the exchanges and each interaction brings a new result. There is nogood or bad conclusions, every actions and words are necessary constructive. Duringmy past experience in a NGO as event planner, I learned how to listen theproject stakeholders and how to perceive and use their needs.The word “event” itself brings many thoughts in our minds. What do youthink when you hear this word? Organization, shows, logistic, accounting,paperwork? Yes, but it is going further. Indeed, it is also about how to create concepts,and how to set them up in the company in order to attract customers. Events planning are the extendable part of the marketing work and are as valuable as any other sector in a company.If you are interested by the event organization and you want to connect with someone enthusiastic by them, feel free to contact me and to connect with my LinkedIn profile.

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